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Founded in 2015, JBO Conservation works to identify and carry out collaborative solutions for the benefit of wildlife, the environment, and communities. By building, facilitating, and advising longer-term multi-stakeholder collaborations and short-term catalytic engagements, JBO brings different groups of people and sectors together to solve shared environmental challenges with a focus on enhancing and maintaining wildlife habitat and healthy waters and finding the overlap between community needs and conservation. JBO routinely works with regional and local nonprofits, federal and state agencies, private landowners and communities, and scientific networks to clearly define the challenges faced and develop locally-driven, regionally-informed solutions.






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Job Opportunities

JBO Conservation, LLC is seeking a full-time Assistant Partnership Coordinator interested in building collaborations to restore waters, protect lands, and make a difference in people’s lives. The position offers the opportunity to work directly with a wide range of conservation, restoration, and community partners to create solutions that achieve environmental objectives, while also meeting community needs. The Assistant Partnership Coordinator will help engage stakeholders at the local, regional, and national level in developing and carrying out conservation strategies related to climate resilience, natural resource conservation, equity, agriculture, and more. The position is currently being offered as a one-year, full-time position with the potential to extend to additional years. To Apply...